Black Nursing Bra

If you’re reading this, it’s either you’re considering breastfeeding, or have already decided to breastfeed your little one. At this point you just probably want to know if there’s a possibility to nurse and still feel like the head-turner that you are. The answer is black. Yes, a black nursing bra can make huge a difference.

Misconceptions about pregnant or nursing moms

There’s a common misconception that when a woman is pregnant or nursing, she’s no longer beautiful nor desirable. On the contrary, mothers are both beautiful and powerful. But, after giving birth, the sudden dip of hormones in your body can set off a lot of emotional stress. You may start feeling less beautiful, undesirable and even weak. These feelings could show in words and actions, thus feeding the misconceptions.

What you wear can make a difference

Nursing bras make your life easier. Now that’s a fact. They’re designed with your comfort in mind, taking into consideration your increased breast size and the support requirements with that change. The flaps or cups of these maternity bras are also designed to make feeding your baby easier. When you’re comfortable, people hear that in your voice and it shows in your actions. When you feel accomplished, like after baby’s feeding sessions (without the awkward fussing with your garments), you feel happy and you glow with confidence.

To top all that, choosing the right color of your maternity bra can affect how you feel about yourself. If you were looking at the bra design of your choice (with the right cup size, straps, flaps and fasteners) in different colors, the black bra stands out. We all make associations to bra colors. White bras appear demure. Pinks bras are cute. Skin tone bras are functional. Among them black is unrivaled. The most common association to a black bra is power, beauty and elegance. When you wear a black maternity bra, it gives you those feelings. You are then an empowered woman, or better yet, an empowered mom.

Choosing to buy a black maternity bra is not just optional. It is a must. It is necessary. It’s like choosing to empower yourself. You can get any style of bra that you want. Any that makes you feel comfortable and efficient as a mom. But get a black bra to lift your feelings up from the baby blues caused by plummeting hormones. A black nursing bra is a staple undergarment for a mom like you. It does wonders for your self-esteem. It makes you feel more beautiful, more powerful and more elegant than ever.