Full-Figure Gals – Our Day Has Finally Come!

Certain lingerie, as we all know, is made sheer and sexy. When women wear it, they want to be flirtatious and desirable. Because intimate apparel is so dainty, it gets attention. But what is a full size gal to do? I’m here to tell you – intimate apparel can get noticed! I am a full size woman – and if I were to wear a new or different bra, my husband would certainly notice! Women with large breasts can find bras and romantic lingerie with ease these days. The large cup sizes are no longer special order items in most shops and boutiques. Some of the local department and lingerie stores carry plus size. Plus size women have a much better selection in fashion clothing than ever before.

You may not realize it, but plus size women have had a powerful influence on the fashion world. Reams of books and articles are written to help the plus size woman grab the attention of males. Magazines typically urge women to flirt shamelessly. Flirting is a great way to let somebody know you find them attractive. It can lead to friendship or romance.

Plus size women have to wear clothing that makes them look attractive and sexy. There are bras that minimize her size. There are full body shapers that boast of reducing the body size by inches. The full figure women’s undergarments have to fit so that she is comfortable in whatever she wears. Beautiful plus size lingerie can give the plus size women confidence. Plus size women can look very romantic in Peignoir sets. Elegant flowing lingerie in light fabrics such as chiffon and exotic lace is very stylish and is usually available in plus size. Yes, the plus size woman is no longer held to the simple nightgowns and pajama selections of the past! Naughty lingerie is available in plus size and it makes her look sensuous and lustful.

Remember, guys, that a plus size women craves attention too, just like anyone else. It gives her a warm glow to know that someone is interested. Most dating experts advise that the secret to attracting the opposite sex is to flirt. Smiling, eye contact and the perfect opening lines will get a man’s attention. There is a popular motivational DVD that is sold in lingerie stores for full figure or plus size women. The DVD is about how the full figured or plus size women have to see their true beauty, accomplishments and value. In most movies, you see beauty depicted as gorgeous, slim and trim women. Plus size women have been somewhat conditioned to believe that they don’t match up to the women who are small in size. Several years ago, the plus size women made strides in changing society’s views about plus size women. The fashion industry is making garment choices available today, especially lingerie for plus size women. She has a much greater choice today. In her size, she can find not only sleep shirts and pajamas but she can choose from sexy garters and corsets. She can flaunt her beauty in a thong or g-string. In plus size lingerie, she can feel pretty and look pretty as well. A plus size woman wants to make sure that her “assets” are lifted up with a good fitting bra.

Another problem that larger women sometimes have is protruding nipples. In lingerie departments and stores you can find accessories such as petals for the nipples. Petals can cover protruding nipples without latex and adhesives that some women may be allergic to. When women want to push up her breasts, she can use gel inserts. They are placed in the bra under the breast and they push the breast up to look sexier.

It is not just the plus size women that are looking for comfort in lingerie, the average body size women wants comfort too. For example, there is the discomfort that comes with straps that dig into the shoulders. I have seen, but I have not yet tried, the pads that can be used to as a cushion under the shoulder straps. One of the major complaints about these strapless bras is that they are not that comfortable. I have found that strapless bras that have the right fit are actually very comfortable. But, how can a woman get a custom fit that determines her true bra size? I got my first custom fit from a lingerie shop. The staff at lingerie shops are trained how to do a custom fit. Before getting a custom fit, I was wearing DDD cup bras. I did have some problems with bulging over the top of the cup. After getting a custom fit, I measured an F cup and they are not easy to find, and when I do find an F cup bra, I am prepared to pay at least $35.00 for one. A bra with a good custom fit can add to the smoothness of how clothes will fit. You can look good and feel good with a custom fit bra.

Rejoice, full figure gals – this is our day (at last)!