Black Nursing Bra

If you’re reading this, it’s either you’re considering breastfeeding, or have already decided to breastfeed your little one. At this point you just probably want to know if there’s a possibility to nurse and still feel like the head-turner that you are. The answer is black. Yes, a black nursing bra can make huge a difference.

Misconceptions about pregnant or nursing moms

There’s a common misconception that when a woman is pregnant or nursing, she’s no longer beautiful nor desirable. On the contrary, mothers are both beautiful and powerful. But, after giving birth, the sudden dip of hormones in your body can set off a lot of emotional stress. You may start feeling less beautiful, undesirable and even weak. These feelings could show in words and actions, thus feeding the misconceptions.

What you wear can make a difference

Nursing bras make your life easier. Now that’s a fact. They’re designed with your comfort in mind, taking into consideration your increased breast size and the support requirements with that change. The flaps or cups of these maternity bras are also designed to make feeding your baby easier. When you’re comfortable, people hear that in your voice and it shows in your actions. When you feel accomplished, like after baby’s feeding sessions (without the awkward fussing with your garments), you feel happy and you glow with confidence.

To top all that, choosing the right color of your maternity bra can affect how you feel about yourself. If you were looking at the bra design of your choice (with the right cup size, straps, flaps and fasteners) in different colors, the black bra stands out. We all make associations to bra colors. White bras appear demure. Pinks bras are cute. Skin tone bras are functional. Among them black is unrivaled. The most common association to a black bra is power, beauty and elegance. When you wear a black maternity bra, it gives you those feelings. You are then an empowered woman, or better yet, an empowered mom.

Choosing to buy a black maternity bra is not just optional. It is a must. It is necessary. It’s like choosing to empower yourself. You can get any style of bra that you want. Any that makes you feel comfortable and efficient as a mom. But get a black bra to lift your feelings up from the baby blues caused by plummeting hormones. A black nursing bra is a staple undergarment for a mom like you. It does wonders for your self-esteem. It makes you feel more beautiful, more powerful and more elegant than ever.

10 Essentials You Need If You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant then you might have everything you think you need, until your baby is born, or alternatively, you might not know what you need, and what can help make your pregnancy easier and more comfortable.

Here’s what you need

1. You’ll want to know what to expect at each stage of your pregnancy, and so pregnancy books are a great way to make sure that you know that your experience and feelings are normal.

2. Morning sickness remedies are vital if you’re suffering from nausea If you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy then you might not be at this stage yet, or it might not affect you. However with as many as 80% or mums to be suffering from morning sickness, the chances are that you will too, and you’ll want to be prepared.

3. Stretch mark creams can help to prevent stretch marks, and so if you’ve grown considerable or are anxious to slip back into your bikini as soon as possible, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent stretch marks.

4. It won’t be long before you need maternity clothes as your normal clothes are the wrong shape as soon as you start showing. You’ll want to get clothes that are roomy enough so that you can still go about your daily life without too much discomfort

5. You’ll soon find that you’ll need maternity bras as your pregnancy progresses. Instead of making do with your existing bras it’s much better to get bras that fit you, so that you are not uncomfortable.

6. Not every new mum will be able to breastfeed easily. Breast pumps are designed to help express breast milk and are available in manual or electric versions, so if you think that you might need one, there’s bound to be a breast pump that’s right for you.

7. Skincare is important during pregnancy, as the majority of the nutrients in your food are diverted to your growing baby. If you’re skin isn’t looking as good as it used to, and you miss that healthy glow, why not treat yourself to some pregnancy skincare products?

8. Essential oils and candles can help you to relax and can even be used to help reduce the affects of morning sickness. If you’re pregnant and still leading a hectic life, then you might find that these help you slow down a bit.

9. Massage oils can be very beneficial and will help to ease the many aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Using them can also help to improve the blood flow which can help you to relax.

10. As the day gets closer, you’ll want to make sure that you have your hospital bag packed with everything you need whilst in labour, and in hospital afterwards.

Now you know more about what you need whilst during you pregnancy, have you got everything?

Bravado Maternity Bra

Thank goodness for the genius who pointed out that nursing bras do not have to be unattractive! One popular brand that you can buy is the Bravado maternity bra. It comes in three ranges: the Original Bra, the Supreme Bra, and the Lifestyle Bra.

1. The Original Nursing Bra is perfect for newbie moms. Choosing the right maternity bra would depend on the stage you are in as a mom, too. There’s a type of bra for each stage, like when you’re in the last stages of your pregnancy, have just given birth recently or have already been breastfeeding for a few weeks. The types to choose from are: Basic, Plus Style and Double Plus Style. The common denominator of the three is the high standard support and comfort they offer.

  • The unique characteristics of each original maternity bra types are as follows:
  • Basic bras have seamless cups.
  • For extra support, the Plus Style bra’s cups have double fabric side panels and the seams run to the side of the nipples.
  • The Double Plus style has wide shoulder straps and solid front style for maximum comfort and support.

2. For moms who were full-breasted even before having their baby or the milk ‘coming in,” the Bravado Supreme Nursing Bra is best. It is made of soft fabric and has wide, padded straps that help prevent neck, shoulder and back pains. Some have even noted that heartburns became fewer when using these maternity bras!

3. The Lifestyle Nursing Bra is definitely one to have, too. It would be suitable for wearing at home or work. The neckline is flattering and like the other Bravado bras, prioritizes support. Maternity bra band sizes in this style, range from 32-40 and cup sizes are available from B to F(DDD). The premium quality, fabric and design guarantees support, while keeping you a glowing mom-to-be.

Moms don’t need to choose between femininity and comfort at all. Maternity bras are expected to provide the extra support not offered by regular bras. They can be expected to let a woman feel her femininity, too. You can have both with Bravado maternity bras. Mind you, this is without having to depend on under-wire designs, which are against lactation experts’ advice. You can choose from a variety of pretty designs as well as colors. These bras come in: white, black, blush, and nude and even Leopard print! You can’t be wrong in buying a Bravado bra so, go ahead and order the style that suits you.