The Quest for a Sports Bra

Since the arrival of baby B, I must confess that I’ve been a slave to the yumminess of cake. In the past, I was always very careful with my diet – very balanced, lots of fresh fruit and veg and minimal saturated fats, but then I discovered the joys of pregnancy and eating for two. Now, technically of course I’m aware that you actually don’t need to consume many more calories to sustain the wee bean within, but there is something very liberating about not having to examine everything you eat. And so I ate. And now, three years down the line, I’m finding that the ‘baby weight’ excuse is fine until they ask how old ‘baby’ is – when I confess that he’s three years old, there is very little sympathy forthcoming. So, I’ve done the dreadful deed and joined a gym.

Gyms, for me, are places of abject depression. Every January people flock to their local gym filled with the glow of good intentions and by the beginning of February, they’ve either stopped going completely, or have resorted to ten minutes on the cross trainer and an hour in the Jacuzzi. When I went for the initial tour I was astonished and slightly disturbed to see just how many women were exercising without an adequate bra. I noticed all manner of branded sportswear and fancy training shoes, but there were boobs everywhere! Darlings, if you’re really intent on racing full-pelt on a treadmill for forty minutes, do try to contain your chest! Gravity is the enemy of breast tissue and excessive amounts of bounce can lead to discomfort and loss of elasticity in the breast.

I’ve been looking into sports bras and I’ve discovered that there are two major types. There are the non-wired sports bras which work by squashing the bosom flat against the chest wall and allowing no movement. These work very well, but they don’t give a great shape and you can feel quite dowdy while wearing them. The other type are underwired and work by encasing the breast so that it can’t move too much. I have found these to be much more comfortable – giving excellent support to my larger-since-the-baby bust whilst still allowing me to look wonderfully feminine (even whilst dripping with sweat and gasping for air). Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime.